Network Management Solutions

A Network Management System (NMS) is an application or set of applications that lets network administrators manage a network's independent components inside a bigger network management framework. NMS may be used to monitor both software and hardware components in a network. It usually records data from a network's remote points to carry out central reporting to a system administrator.


The key benefit to NMS is that it permits users to monitor or manage their entire business operations using a central computer. While there is no precise definition of the term due to it being such a broad concept, some of the main areas are summarized below :

  • Network Administration: This involves tracking and inventorying the many network resources such as monitoring transmission lines, hubs, switches, routers, and servers; it also involves monitoring their performance and updating their associated software – especially network management software, network operating systems, and distributed software applications used by network users.
  • Network Operation: This involves smooth network functioning as designed and intended, including close monitoring of activities to quickly and efficiently address and fix problems as they occur and preferably even before users are aware of the problem.
  • Network Maintenance: This involves timely repair and necessary upgrades to all network resources as well as preventive and corrective measures through close communication and collaboration with network administrators. Example work includes replacing or upgrading network equipment such as switches, routers and damaged transmission lines.
  • Network Provisioning: This involves configuring network resources to support the requirements of a particular service; example services may be voice capabilities or increasing broadband requirements to facilitate more users.

The current Networks have been built over a long period of time and have grown exponentially over a period of time. They may consist of networking equipment from different OEM’s and may have different architectures in various segments. Thus there is a need for a Network Management Solution Provider who can provide a solution which can present a holistic view of the network and make the management functions like administration, operation, maintenance and provisioning easy for the customers. To achieve this, DIGITEK has tied up with a number of OEM’s to provide Network Management Solutions for the different kinds of Network architectures. Some of the solutions are proprietary to the OEM’s whereas other may be able to address these requirements for other OEM’s equipment also. With the vast experience that we have in creating networks over the last couple of decades, we are best placed to provide our customers with the right tools to manage the networks.