Video Surveillance Solutions

The video surveillance market is booming, driven by increased public and private security concerns, as well as a technology shift. The transition to network video is a reality as customers take advantage of flexible, industry standard systems for security and video surveillance. As security management over the IP network expands and intelligence capabilities move out to network cameras, systems can scale much more easily. This move to open systems empowers a much more productive and cost-effective means of surveillance than was ever possible.

DIGITEK has been providing video surveillance solutions to its customers for the last 5 years. We design, supply, install, customize, and support surveillance camera system. Also, as a systems integrator, we have a tie-up with a number of manufacturers, and thus are able to design and provide the right system to meet customer’s security objectives.

We have been addressing the requirements of all types of industries, including Hotels, Schools, Healthcare, Parking Lots, Parks, Government Properties, and more. Our services are not limited to any one type of business. With a great track record in providing Networking solutions, we are able to extend the expertise to Video Surveillance solutions with utmost ease, using the best practices learnt over the years in providing Campus Networks.

Significant investments in analog CCTV systems may have already been made. The technology shift to network video does not, however, mean that existing analog CCTV investments have to be discarded. In DIGITEK, we integrate your existing analog system into an IP-based solution. The solution enables you to take advantage of numerous functionalities such as remote pan/tilt/zoom, Power over Ethernet, audio, video motion detection, while meeting user requirements for image quality, recording capabilities, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.


IP Video Surveillance

The digital, network video surveillance system provides a host of benefits and advanced functionalities that cannot be provided by an analog video surveillance system. The advantages include superior image quality, remote accessibility, distributed intelligent video capabilities, easy installation & integration, better scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

    The various components we provide as part of surveillance solution include below, depending on customer needs –

  • IP Camera.
  • Analogue Camera
  • Accessories
  • IP Recording
  • DVR
  • Video Software
  • Monitors