Infrastructure Software Solutions

Infrastructure software is a type of enterprise software or program specifically designed to help business organizations perform basic tasks such as workforce support, business transactions and internal services and processes. The most common examples of infrastructure software are operating systems, database programs, email and other communication software and security applications.


IT infrastructure software allows businesses to manage large networks with varying hardware and software needs. Businesses use IT infrastructure software to store large data sets, maintain data integrity, and integrate data across platforms. Businesses benefit from IT infrastructure software by building efficient frameworks for creating and running web applications. Software solutions in this category are often offered as on-premise or cloud solutions.

We offer clients packaged software, licenses and solutions from the Software Giants like Microsoft, RedHat, Oracle and VMware. We offer on-premise as well as Cloud based solutions to our customers. Acme Digitek has a team which is well versed with the licensing policies of the different vendors. Apart from providing the software licenses, we provide the following value additions to our customers :

  • Dedicated team who understand and gives honest advice.
  • Our team has multi-platform implementation exposure; keeping all the aspects in mind while providing the quote.
  • Proper MIS system to take care of renewals and timely intimations.
  • Our approach in software licensing is like a consultant providing best advice and ROI in case choosing between perpetual or SAAS modal, helping customer to find what is right for his organization.
  • Regular trainings and exposure to multi-client requirements, provides necessary exposure to our team, in turn helping the customer to make the right decision.
  • Our software license portfolio includes below brands.