Personnel Information System and Payroll

The Personnel Information system is a Computer based system for maintenance of the Service Registers of individuals in an organization. The details pertaining to personnel, postings, qualifications, departmental tests passed, training attended, family details etc are stored in this system. Retrieval of information is possible based on any individual or on collective information grouped by certain categories namely designation, retirement, length of service, place of working etc.

Features of Acme Personnel Information System are :

  • Easy to Implement & Use.
  • There will be login penal for Super Administrator, Administrator and User.
  • User Rights management: Permission to create bulk users at a time and give rights to users for management of modules.
  • All HR processes from candidate entry till employee exit are fully automated.
  • Biometrics Devices shall be used for employee attendance and authentication.
  • Various alerts are also provided on the Dash board when a user or admin logs into the system.
  • It keeps tracks of all necessary details of employee such as Employee Code, Grade, Designation, Joining Date, Contact Details,      Immigration Information, Job task, Skills, Basic Salary etc.
  • It also takes into consideration of Notice period, Assets issued, Pending Loans & Leaves and prepares Full & Final settlement,      Feed Back for organization, Salary History & Reason of leaving the organization.
  • Employee can apply for leave online & HR/Authorized user will get alert notification for same.
  • Employee Leave Approval: it can be approved by the Supervisor or admin or HR manager –on the basis of balance leaves of      employee and availability of alternate employee.
  • Employee Leave Carry Forward: leave carry forward process done automatically at defined interval in leave master.
  • Leave Cancellation: if leave is approved and incase if employee remain present on that day then admin can cancel the leave.
  • Leave Encashment: Employee can put request for leave Encashment as per rules. Admin gets alert for needful action.
  • It maintains the employee’s transfer and promotion history.

Following are the some of the important Reports of the HRMS :

  • Employees List.
  • Employee CTC Details.
  • History of Old Employees.
  • Increment Reports- to view increment due list, increment details and Increment amount reports.
  • Promotion - to view Promotion details of Employees. Facility is there to select date/ Period.
  • Reports of re-designation of employees.
  • Transfer Reports on Employees.
  • Leave Approval Report.
  • Leave Balance Report.
  • Yearly Leave Summary Report.

Payroll Features for Regular and Daily-wages Employee

  • Loan Master : Here admin or any authorized person can define the type of loan/Advance and define the maximum limit that     is to be approved for that particular Grade of Employee.

  • Loan Application : Employee can apply for loan and the authorized user or admin will get alert for new application for     appropriate action.

  • Loan Approval : Admin has rights to approve the loan requested by any employee.

  • Loan Payment : Admin will maintain the record and make the entry of loan installment or loan payment by the employee and     can be directly deducted from salary in installments.

  • Bonus Details : Admin prepares bonus payment report as per management requests and guidelines of the Govt.

  • Advance Detail : Admin makes arrangement for payment and recovery of advances as per orders.

  • Monthly Salary : System will automatically calculate salary of employee on basis of Loan, Leave Details, Arrears, Deduction,    Income Tax and Advance etc. of any employee for selected month and year. After saving the record, it will display the net    amount of salary that is to be paid to employee.

  • Manual Salary : System will calculate the salary of selected employee for selected month and year on the basis of details     entered by admin.

  • Salary Settlements : Admin will make the salary settlement.

  • Full and Final Settlements : System will automatically calculate pending dues, leaves, loan, assets pending and any     outstanding salary in the case of employee leaving the company or organization.

  • Increment : Increment is automatically added in the salary on 1st July of every year as per Govt. Rules.

Following are the some of the important Reports of the Payroll :

  • Loan Reports.
  • Salary Slip.
  • Salary Slip with Income Tax Detail.
  • Salary Register with Allowance/Deductions.
  • Yearly Salary summary.
  • Employee Advance Report.
  • Settlement Report .
  • Statutory Report which contains PF, ESI, Income Tax deduction reports, Gratuity report and Bonus Report etc.
  • MIS Reports .
  • Form 16.