Inventory Management System

Acme Inventory Management System is used to make recording, processing, storage, retrieval and management of information for the Inventory and Store Department. This will ultimately result in easier and smoother operations. The implementation of the software should enable the department to provide better services to its officers and employees. This system facilitates multi store record keeping in any organization, where the responsibility of each store is assigned to some section. The System provides facility to:


  • Define various stores and the Employees assigned to each store.
  • Maintain Item Categories.
  • Maintain Item for each store.
  • Maintain the Details of all Suppliers/Vendors.
  • Maintain opening Stock for individual store.
  • Purchase order follow up.
  • Record the supply of items against PO vide Delivery Challan/ Delivery Challan cum Invoice.
  • Provision for tagging Delivery Challans against invoices.
  • Approval of invoices and generation of CB.
  • Record the indents received from various sections in stores.
  • Issue of items against Indents.
  • Return of items.
  • Intra store transfers.
  • Stock Accounting reports and MIS reports.