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Acme Digitek Solutions (P) Ltd. is a Systems Integration organization focusing in the areas of Business Applications, Infrastructure Integration, IT products, Networking, IT Services and IT Enabled Services. We have a strong team of qualified personnel to provide any kind of solution and services to our esteemed clients in the area of Information Technology implementation and utilization.

With increasingly diverse technologies coming up , IT system integration services are becoming critical for businesses. However, due to the diversity and complexity of the available technologies, and the required specializations, the challenges associated with a successful integration have grown manifold. It is quite difficult to find experts to handle all types of hardware viz. PC’s , Servers , Storage , Networking , and the skills required for interoperability between the diverse IT infrastructure components of an organization. The process of integrating a company’s IT systems is a complicated one , and demands a significant investment in terms of time and cost. Thus there is a need in the organization for an experienced vendor who can perform its hardware systems integration keeping in mind the specific needs of the organization.

We have expertise in almost all the areas of IT & ITES industry, and we are a Unique combination of being a Systems Integrator and an Independent Software Vendor, along with a lot of engineering skills to create any type of solution. Our approach is to take a closer look of the Customer requirements and after evaluating the different solutions available from the various OEM’s, provide the correct, complete, cost Effective and appropriate solution based on the latest technologies. More often than not, we explore new ways to customize the solutions in order to make technology work efficiently for the Organization. We look at every project from a fresh angle, and discuss ways and means to make it simpler and efficient. We have a team of about 100 professionals. Our People are highly skilled professionals in various current and emerging technologies. We constantly provide training to them and expose our people to the latest technologies, giving them the skills and the dedication to perform at the highest levels. Thus, we are able to provide highly satisfactory after sales service in the industry with a team of qualified Sales and Service professionals to cater any type of computerization need for our esteemed customers, and with our vast knowledge bank, we are successfully able to deal with any challenges that we face.



Server & Storage Solutions

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Networking Solutions

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Power Conditioning Solutions

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Network Management Solutions

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Infrastructure Software Solutions

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Video Conferencing Solutions

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Video Surveillance Solutions

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Video Wall and Digital Signage

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Smart Classroom Solutions

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Virtual Classroom Solutions

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Biometric Attendance Management

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RFID based File Tracking System

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Library Management Solutions

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End Point Computing, Imaging & Printing

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Document Digitization

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I have experienced the phenomenal growth of the IT Industry for more than 25 years, from the time when it was not a separate industry to now when it competes with other established industries on an equal footing. In such a short span of time, I have seen the technology paradigms change many times over – starting from PC’s running on MS-DOS to Laptops, Tablets, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Social Media Revolution, BYOD, Big Data, SMAC, Internet of Things and the list keeps on growing. It is very tough to keep abreast with the plethora of changes that keep on occurring frequently. However, one thing is clear – all technologies evolve because there is a reason and the eco-system demands it. Those technologies that evolve because of eco-system demand are successful, and those technologies that evolve just for the sake of a new creation fail, however good they may be... Read More

Business Applications

  • Budget and Financial Accounting System

    Financial management is a process which brings together planning, budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, internal control...

  • Personnel Information System and Payroll

    The Personnel Information system is a Computer based system for maintenance of the Service Registers of individuals..

  • Public Grievance Monitoring & Redressal System

    Acme Public Grievance Monitoring and Redress System is an online web-enabled system over Local Data Centre/Cloud developed...

  • Legal Case Monitoring System

    Acme Legal Cases Monitoring System Software has been designed and developed keeping in view of the requirements...

  • RTI Management System

    Acme RTI Application Monitoring System’s Software has been designed and developed keeping in view of the management...

  • Inventory Management System

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