MD's Message

I have experienced the phenomenal growth of the IT Industry for more than 25 years, from the time when it was not a separate industry to now when it competes with other established industries on an equal footing. In such a short span of time, I have seen the technology paradigms change many times over – starting from PC’s running on MS-DOS to Laptops, Tablets, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Social Media Revolution, BYOD, Big Data, SMAC, Internet of Things and the list keeps on growing. It is very tough to keep abreast with the plethora of changes that keep on occurring frequently. However, one thing is clear – all technologies evolve because there is a reason and the eco-system demands it. Those technologies that evolve because of eco-system demand are successful, and those technologies that evolve just for the sake of a new creation fail, however good they may be.

We, at Acme Digitek Solutions (P) Ltd., keep a track of the pulse of the market, and try to identify technologies and solutions that make sense and invest our resources in building solutions around them. We have expertise in almost all the areas of IT & ITES industry, and we are a Unique combination of being a Systems Integrator and an Independent Software Vendor, along with a lot of engineering skills to create any type of solution. With the comprehensive understanding of the various facets of IT, we keep abreast with the evolving technologies and design the most suitable solutions for our customers.

We also try to ensure that our people, who are our main strength, remain motivated to keep abreast with the latest technologies and market dynamics. We are committed to provide competent solutions to our customers based on the latest technologies at cost effective prices. We follow ethical business practices. This is our strength and commitment to our customers.

We also believe in solving problems and designing solutions by the method of systematic simplification. A complex problem or a difficult challenge can be simplified by understanding it in detail, breaking it up into smaller pieces and then tackling it. After simplification, the problem may sometimes look ridiculously easy.

My vision is to build an organization of repute by achieving 100% customer satisfaction through its innovations and commitment, achieving growth in the process, and empowering the members of Team Digitek to achieve our goals.